White Papers

Schools around the world use FrontRow to support highly effective teachers, and create a safer, more connected campus.

The Power of a Merged Communications system in a K-12 Environment

We discuss the power of merged communications systems, how they've worked for schools in the past, and offer our tips on designing and implementing a system in your school. 

How to Combine Personal FM and Classroom Sound Systems

Understand how combining a personal FM and soundfield system benefits students with hearing impairments and engages all students in the classroom. 

Effective Instructional Tools Special Report

This special report from the Center for Digital Education can help education decision-makers to effectively implement, integrate and support familiar and new classroom technologies to achieve 21st-century learning goals.

8 Reasons It's Hard to Learn in Your Classroom

In this quick guide, you'll learn how to recognize obstacles to learning in the classroom, in common teaching styles, and even in students' brains — and how to overcome them.

8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Classroom Audio

This handy guide helps you wade through the confusing array of today's classroom audio system options. Sort out what really matters for you, your students, and your colleagues! 

Six ways your school PA system is letting you down

Modern communication systems are dynamic and provide new capabilities, making both classrooms and entire schools efficient, effective, and safe learning environments. Here are six reasons why your PA system needs an upgrade.