Case Studies

If students can't hear the instructor clearly, class is over before it starts. How can classroom audio technology help? See how FrontRow has helped schools communicate effectively. 

Wedge Park Primary School

Updating Wedge Park Primary School's old bell and paging system to support their growing student population.  

Coomera Anglican College

Modernising Coomera Anglican College's communications to adapt to their growing school now and in the future.

Simplifying School-Wide Communication with an Integrated Bell, Intercom and PA System

Building a connected network to provide a customisable bell and paging system and distribute information across the campus. 

Piedmont School District turned to FrontRow

Creating better learning environments and streamlining communications for Piedmont Unified School District's 2,700 students.

Richgrove School District

Taking Richgrove School District's communication to a new level with technology that fosters more meaningful experiences.

Learning Enriched with Juno at Woodbury Elementary

Woodbury Elementary School is a year-round school serving grades K-6. Their instructional programs combine explicit skill instruction, such as phonics and mathematics skills, and instruction that is embedded within a meaningful context. Students have the ability to go beyond the “basics,” through the use of technology and through an intentional focus on meeting the needs of each individual student. As part of their core instructional program, students participate in music, art, and science from specialists in these fields.